Thank you, Teachers!

You’re the heart of every class room
The soul of every school.
The mind behind the message
That learning is cool.
Your patience and understanding
Cannot be undersold.
Your courage and commitment
Is that of legends told.
Each day you teach our children
Is a day to rejoice.
Because of you our children
Will have their own voice.
For passing knowledge
Through the years.
You thought you were merely teaching
When you were eliminating fears.

Cảm ơn bạn đã ghé thăm. Nếu bạn có để lại ý kiến hoặc chia sẻ của bạn thì xin cho biết quý danh luôn nhé. Bởi với một người "ẩn danh" thì khó trò chuyện lắm! :) :)

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